Norwich Boot and Shoe Industry

We are in the process of compiling this list of all the locations of the norwich shoe factories and the supporting industries such as last making. There may well be errors in the current list and we would be grateful for any corrections. Also can you help with factories not mentioned with their locations.
Map of norwich shoe factories
Andrew Heels Mile X Lane
Arthur Howlett  Fishergate
BA Martin & Sons  
Barith Shoes  
Batson & Webster Fishergate
Bowhill & Elliott London Street
Chamberlin  Botolph Street
Chittock Dibden Road
Co-op/ CWS  Mountergate
Edwards & Holmes Drayton Road
HM Prison Knox Road
Howes Magdalen street
Howlett & White St George St
James Southall & Co Crome Road
Kiltie/SL Witton St Georges
Meadows Fishergate
Pell Footwear Salhouse road
Plastak Guardian Road
S L Witton St Georges
Sexton, Son & Everard Oak Street/St M's plain
Shingler & Thetford Pottergate
Shorten & Armes Starling Road
Starling Muspole St
Thompson Golden Dog Lane
Trimfoot Starling Road
Van Dal (Florida) Drayton Road
Wards Magdalen Street
WHH Clarke Northumberland St
Wyatts Magpie Road